Fran Walton

FranBOEFran Walton is the current Chair of the Ridgefield Board of Education, elected for a four year term as a board member in 2015.  She is a mother of three, one son and two daughters, two of whom have graduated from RHS and her youngest daughter is a sophomore at the high school.  Fran and her family moved to the US from the UK in 2004 and became US citizens in 2011.  She is a graduate of the University of Manchester where she studied history and then worked in financial management. She has volunteered and held leadership positions in:

  • Farmingville PTA, East Ridge Middle School PTA and Ridgefield High School PTSA
  • Ridgefield League of Women Voters
  • St. Mary’s Church Pastoral Parish Council
Fran works at Ridgefield Library where she can indulge her passion for reading.  She loves all the performing arts and, in spare moments, is an avid knitter.
Fran and her husband Simon, have volunteered in many organizations in the UK and the US and encourage their children to be active in community service.