Hersha Chauhan


Hersha at podium

Hersha Chauhan is a sophmore at Ridgefield High School. She is the first Ms President US of Ridgefield and was inspired to pursue her campaign topic of mental health awareness and technology overuse. She held an event, Hours off of Technology in early June to promote her topics and she plans to move forward and make an impact right here in Ridgefield.

Hersha was encouraged to become a leader from an early age and was the 5th grade class president. In addition to being a mentor at Ms President US, she engages in debate team and volunteers with Lion’s Heart.  She also participates in the Ridgefield High School mock trial team. Hersha loves to play sports and competitively does rowing and basketball. She looks forward to being a Mentor in Ms President US to help inspire future female leaders, just as she was from the program.


Hersha at CT State Capitol    hersha-dressy1.png