Ms President US is a non-partisan, non-profit, community-based initiative, dedicated to inspiring and preparing girls to aim for the highest civic leadership positions and know they can achieve them.


  1. To teach girls the importance of female involvement in public service, the responsibility it entails, and the opportunity it provides.
  2. To impart exemplary values in future leaders – values that unite, uplift and inspire regardless of gender, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or disability.

Enrolled Girls will ….

  • Explore their own potential to lead, enhance skills, & expand knowledge of what it takes to be a leader.
  • Learn about local, state, and federal leadership opportunities.
  • Hear from local and state leaders.
  • Give (or contribute to) a campaign speech, complemented by their choice of creative expression.

Program Description:

  • Open to all girls in Ridgefield in 4th through 8th grade.  See note below for invitation to girls who live outside of Ridgefield.
  • Sessions are held once a month, on a Friday from 4:30–6pm, at Ridgefield Library or Keeler Tavern Museum.
  • Sessions will be led by community and state leaders and will include fun, interactive activities. Each session will include a mini lesson plan and a takeaway message.
  • In the spring 2018, girls will begin to prepare their campaign for “Ms. President US of Ridgefield” using their choice of media or art, and addressing at least 1 issue (school start time, anti-bullying, etc.).
  • In the final session on May 6, 2018 at The Ridgefield Playhouse, girls will give their campaign speech and show their display/presentation. All program participants will then vote for the winner.
  • The girl with the top score among all the ballots submitted will be elected Ms President US of Ridgefield.
  • The girl who wins will “hold office” for 1 year until the next girl is elected. During her “administration” she will be invited to attend, participate and/or speak at Ridgefield community events.
  • Girl Scouts badge/credit eligible.

Session Topics:

  • Civic Leadership / Public Service
  • Local, State, and Federal Government
  • Women’s History and Leadership
  • Public Speaking, Diplomacy & Listening Skills
  • Communications & Media
  • Meet & Greet Local Leaders
  • State Capitol Visit


Girls who live outside of Ridgefield:   We welcome you to join the program!  Please just note that only Ridgefield residents can run for the “president” role (the focus of the final session) as the winner of that election will be invited to accompany Ridgefield’s First Selectman at various events in town the following year.  Enrolled girls from neighboring towns will be encouraged to support the campaign of one of the girls running for president by serving as campaign manager, communications director, or any other support role.  Note that some Ridgefield residents may opt for the campaign support roles themselves, as a matter of preference.  So the non-residents will not be the only ones in support roles.

Our goal is to replicate the program in other towns in future years and so we welcome any parents or interested others who want to start their own program locally.  The intent of this website is to provide all the needed resources for a local launch, including templates, outlines, steps to get started, etc.  These resources will be posted as the program rolls out in the coming year.

Parent Orientation  (presentation)