Replication Site Materials


Erin and Michele

We are thrilled you are joining our extended team!  

We will give you everything you need to host a successful program that is fun and rewarding not just for the girls enrolled and the Mentors who facilitate, but also for YOU and your fellow leaders.



To begin the registration, please:

  1. Download a copy of the Local Replication Agreement,
  2. Sign, scan and email it to   All  local replication site leaders must sign the agreement before materials can be used.  Thank you!
  3. To get started, refer to the Replication Guidance which provides the recommended (but not required) steps for a successful local program.
  4. When you are ready to create your own promotions, please visit the Media Site for logos, images and photos.


Emails to Parents (for Participants) – Word doc 

Emails to Mentors (and Mentor Parents) – Word doc

Parent Orientation – PPT

Mentor Orientation – PPT

Mentor Role  – Word doc



Core Program Sessions

Session 1:

Welcome & Overview (aka, Activating Your Girl Power!) – PPT

Mentor-led Activities for Welcome Session – Word doc

Session Handout:  Index cards

Parent Handout:  Great Reads for Great Girls (books for and about girls) – PDF

Session 2:

Local Lady Leaders presentation – PPT

Mentor-led Activities for Local Leaders Session (Create a Local Law) – Word doc

Session Handout:  Template for Creating a Town Ordinance – Word doc

Session 3:

State Leaders presentation – PPT

Mentor-led Activities for State Leaders Session (Create a Dream Board) – Word doc

Session Handout:  Posterboard & Art Supplies for Dream Boards

Session 4:

Federal Leaders presentation – PPT

Mentor-led Activities for Federal Leaders Session (How to Debate) – Word doc

Session Handout:  Debate Topics Examples – Word doc

Parent Handout:  Debating Resources – Word doc

Session 5:

Public Speaking presentation (Campaign Preparation Kick-Off) – PPT

Mentor-led Activities for Public Speaking Session – Word doc

Session and Parent Handout:  Campaign Preparation Template – Word doc

Session and Parent Handout:  Providing Positive and Helpful Feedback – Word doc

Supplemental Sessions

The content for Sessions 6 and 7 were determined by the presenters, and were not the original material of Ms President US.  Below are templates that can be used to adapt to a local presenter who has the background and skills to cover the topic in their own manner.  These topics are important, but not core to the goals of Ms President US.

Session 6:

Media & Communications presentation – PPT

Mentor-led Activities (handout from Danbury Women’s Center)- Word doc

Session 7:

Women’s History presentation – PPT 

Mentor-led Activities (handout from CT Women’s Hall of Fame) – PDF

Session 8:

This session can be used to cover content missed during any session that may have been cancelled due to weather or other conflicts.   If none of the sessions was cancelled, the girls will benefit from additional time to prepare for their campaigns, practice with their campaign teams, create campaign posters, and/or gain support from the Mentors.

Alternatively, the following 20-minute video is an excellent one to show and discuss (given it was not already show in the Women’s History session).  It is a documentary about the history of women in leadership positions, including the 50 women heads of state who have been part of the United Nations.

50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present and Future of Women + Power (Video link)

It is fast-paced, engaging, and full of information that is not well-known, or publicized.  Note:  Some of the words used in the video may require definition in advance or following the showing.   Here is a Glossary for 50/50 – PDF.

Campaign & Election

Welcome to Campaign & Election – Word doc

Sample Election Brochure – Word doc

Sample Ballot – Excel  and Sample Ballot Cover – Word doc

Certificate for Winner – Word doc

Election winners w clapping