Tarini Krishna

Tara Krishna

If given two words to describe herself, Tarini Krishna would choose ambitious and competitive. As a rising junior at Ridgefield High School, these traits drove her to join the debate club, mock trial team, and become a senator on her student government since her freshman year. As an attorney on the mock trial team, she won the “Best Mocker in the State” award this past March during the 2017 Mock Trial State Championship, which was judged by three Connecticut Supreme Court Justices.

Although it may seem surprising, Tarini was quiet and shy until she began debate and mock trial; therefore it was not pure talent that won her the award, it was a strong work ethic. If there is one piece of advice that Tarini wants to stick in the young girls minds at Ms. President U.S.’s program, it is that to achieve any goal one must work hard.

In December of her freshman year, Tarini had placed second in a debate tournament run by the Connecticut Debate Association, qualifying her as the only female varsity debater in her entire class at RHS. Upon coming to this realization, Tarini began to wonder why more girls did not participate in debate. When asked to lead the East Ridge Middle School debate team, she jumped at the offer as she saw that she had a chance to teach young girls debate, and foster a love for it so that they continue in high school, as well as overcome the gender imbalance within the club.

Besides empowering young girls in within her own town, Tarini works with the Social Outreach Foundation (SOF) that runs a school in New Delhi, India for underprivileged children. Originally beginning as her eighth grade service project where she researched the education gap between girls and boys in India, and set a fundraising goal to raise enough money to educate one underprivileged girl, she ended up raising enough money to educate three girls through bake sales around town. That summer she visited the SOF school in India where she met Ishta, one of the girls she was sponsoring. Upon seeing Ishta’s excitement to be receiving an education, she decided to continue her project and has raised enough money to educate three more girls and hopes to sponsor more in the coming years.

As the current vice president of the NCL-Nutmeg Class of 2019, Tarini enjoys volunteering within the community. One of her favorite charities to work with in town is Meals on Wheels, which she delivers meals for. Last year, she received the gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her philanthropic work. Additionally, she is a dancer, voracious reader and loves to travel the world.

Tarini looks forward to mentoring the girls at Ms. President U.S. and hopes to inspire them to take on leadership roles in the high school and beyond.