Speakers & Content 2018-2019


Congratulations to our winners!

Kyela McGuire (P), Sophia Aguilar (VP) – Ms President US Ridgefield – Middle School
Zero Waste
Juliette Arencibia (P) – Ms President US Ridgefield – Elementary School
Venezuela’s Malnutrition Crisis
Savannah Joseph (P), Sarah Justo (VP) – Ms President US Wilton
Plastic Pollution
Kylie Macancela (P) – Ms President US Danbury
Internet Safety
Gigi Wheeler (P), Tessa Wheeler (CM) – Ms President US New Castle
Pollution: Saving the Planet Step by Step
Gopika Sheth (P) – Ms President US Hamden
Transportation Access


March 22 – Make-up Session / Campaign Practice

Group Activity:  Finalize campaign speech among campaign partners.

Optional Assignment:   Finalize campaign presentation (PPT, Google doc, poster, supplemental materials, music selection, etc)

February 22 – VOTES FOR WOMEN   


Focus of this session:

  1. Learn how women in Connecticut helped shape our state, our nation, and our world
  2. Explore stories of CT’s remarkable women from the colonial period to the Civil War.
  3. Make connections between past and present; consider ways to take an active role in shaping the future

Group Activity:  Continue practicing campaign speeches among campaign partners.

Optional Assignment:   Continue at home with campaign preparation – prepare presentation.

Alexis Chisolm, Educator, CT Women’s Hall of Fame

Lane Murdock, Founder and Executive Director, National School Walkout


Focus of this session:

  1. Examine images and messages about girls and boys in the media.
  2. Address how the media portrays successful women leaders and the obstacles female leaders have to overcome.
  3. Discussion on self-esteem and self-confidence.

Group Activity:   Practice power poses and other self-esteem builders.   Among small groups, continue practicing speeches – identify campaign partners.  Use speech guidance.

Optional Assignment:   Continue at home with campaign preparation – identification of topics and partners.

Cara Mackler, Prevention Educator , Women’s Center of Greater Danbury


Campaign season kick-off!

Focus of this session:

  1. The importance of finding your own voice
  2. Guidelines for speaking well / what makes a great speech
  3. Role-playing speeches

Group Activity:  Among small groups, practice speaking about simple topics (ex: favorite ice cream).  See speech guidance.

Optional Assignment:   At home, consider topics you might want to include in your campaign speech.  Discuss with parents.


Patti Russo, Executive Director, Women’s Campaign School at Yale University

Sophia Haber, Senior at Ridgefield High School, Ms President US Mentor


Focus of this session:

  1. Learn about structure of Federal Government and the role of women who are / have been leaders on a national level
  2. Meet and greet female leaders who have had experience in US Congress and/or leading a national initiative
  3. Learn and Practice debating skills – how to make a structured and compelling argument among peers.

Group Activity:  Learn Debating Skills, practice debate.

Optional Assignment:   At home, practice debating skills among parents, family, friends.


Elizabeth Esty, US Representative for the 5th District of CT

Tarini Krishna, Senior at Ridgefield High School, Debate Team Leader, 2017 Best Mocker in CT State

Ellie Carter, Sophomore at Ridgefield High School, Coach of the East Ridge Middle School Debate Team

November 16 – STATE LEADERS

Focus of this session:

  1. Meet women who are making important decisions in Connecticut today.
  2. Learn about why they chose to run for a state position, and what issues are important to them.
  3. Understand leadership roles that are available to girls and women in the state.

Group Activity:  Make a Vision Board

Optional Assignment:    Finish Vision Board at home.

Girl Scouts:       6th-8th Graders (GS of CT:  Finding Common Ground):  STEP 4 – Understand a Compromise.  Discuss the compromises you heard the state speakers describe.

Aimee Berger-Girvalo, Candidate for CT State Representative

Toni Boucher, CT State Senator

Tarini Krishna, Student Representative to CT State Board of Education

Rudy Marconi, First Selectman of Ridgefield (Moderator)

Pamela Miles, Facilitator of Vision Board Activity 



Focus of this session:

  1. Meet the women who are making important decisions in their own towns and cities  today.
  2. Learn about some of the issues that are being discussed and why they are important to the community.
  3. Discuss different opinions on local topics – find common ground among peers.

Group Activity (from GS of CT):  4th & 5th Graders (Inside Government): STEP 3 – Think about laws you might propose someday.  6th-8th Graders (Finding Common Ground): STEP 2 – Make decisions in a group.

Optional Assignment:  Draft a letter to your town newspaper that presents your position on an issue you are concerned about.

Girl Scouts:  4th & 5th Graders (Inside Government):  STEP 1:  Be an Active Citizen in Action:   List 10 things that make an active citizen.   6th-8th Graders (Finding Common Ground):  STEP 1:  Get to know someone different from you.

Jessica Jane Mancini, Vice Chair, Ridgefield Board of Finance

Rudy Marconi, First Selectman of Ridgefield (Moderator)

Gina Picinich, Mayor of Mt Kisco NY

Callie Whelan, Ridgefield High School Senior, Member of Ridgefield Youth Commission 


Focus of this session:

  1. An overview of the Ms President US program;
  2. Why civic leadership among women and girls is important, including information about the current representation of women in politics;
  3. What girls can do to create positive, lasting change.

Group Activity:   Interview a Future Leader!

Optional Assignment:   Look through your local newspaper and find a topic that you care about.   Think about your opinion on the topic.  Do you agree with decisions that are being made about that topic?


Mary Barneby, CEO of Girl Scouts of Connecticut

Hersha Chauhan, RHS Senior and MPU Mentor 



Lynne Vanderslice, First Selectwoman, Town of Wilton (will recognize the Wilton winner)

Kari Dooley, Federal District Judge for CT

Nan Hayworth, Former US Representative (R-NY)